E-newsletter 9

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  e-Newsletter #9: Friday 14th December 2018  
  Hello Visitor,

Photography at school events - data protection

With school Christmas events in full swing, the school is delighted to provide the opportunity for parents and relatives to record these special moments and follows GDPR guidance on this which is that images recorded for personal use are not in breach of data protection regulations.

The school does not believe in imposing an arbitrary ban on parents and relatives taking photographs and videos of their children. Instead, the school would like to remind parents to: 

  1. report any potential breaches of data protection to the school at head@grendon.northants-ecl.gov.uk
  2. use photographs and videos that you take of school events for your personal use only ie; please don't share photos of school children via social media.

Many thanks for your cooperation.

Bah Humbug! tickets

Tonight's show is a full house! We are all very excited about the performance. 

Please have your tickets ready to hand in on the door! 


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