Big Summer Clean-Up Final Information

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  e-Newsletter #22: Friday 28th June 2019  
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Big Summer Clean-Up - Final Information

First of all, I would like to say a huge thank you to the brilliant response to our plea for help with the Big Summer Clean-Up. We have been overwhelmed with offers of help from providing tools and elbow grease to materials and refreshments.

School will be open on Saturday and Sunday from 9am until 12 noon.

Refreshments will be provided during this time – pastries, tea, coffee and bacon rolls. We are conscious that the weather forecast for the weekend is extremely hot, hence the decision to open in morning and to encourage jobs to be tackled, wherever possible, before it gets too hot.

School staff and governors will be on site during these opening times, although the external school site will be open throughout the weekend to accommodate those who may choose to start particularly early or work into the afternoon.

A large display of the job list will be in the school playground with names attached to the jobs that they have volunteered to complete. Any unallocated jobs are up for grabs! If you haven’t already signed up to a job but intend to come over the weekend, perhaps bring a paint brush, broom, dust sheet, rubbish bags and any other tools or bits of kit that you think might help and, if you’re happy to, please just muck in with a job on the list. It’s highly likely that there will be some rubbish to dispose of as the jobs get ticked off and so tip-trips and sweeping up are not very glamorous but essential jobs.

We are happy for children to join in the clean-up under parental supervision. Please remind your child that there will be drills, saws, nails, heavy materials etc. around and that their normal play areas like the castle and quiet garden will not be accessible. For those of you completing work, please be mindful that there will be children on site.

I suppose that one of the most important messages for the weekend is that we are extremely happy for you to work under your own steam! It’s almost impossible to do anything wrong and we are not too precious about anything in particular and so please feel confident to crack on without the fear that we are looking over your shoulder - we won’t be, we are just grateful that you can help. We want the mornings to be as relaxed as possible and, dare I say it, maybe even enjoyable!       

Some of the jobs on the list are being tackled at different times – school is very happy to liaise individually with these volunteers and organise mutually convenient times to complete the work.  

Working through the job list will make a huge improvement to the appearance of the school site – great timing for the summer and something really positive to reflect the school’s new status as Primary School of the Year. Thanks again, it’s fantastic to see the community coming together for the good of the school.

Any questions in the meantime, please email

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