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  Grendon CE Primary School e-newsletter #1: Friday 14th September 2018  
  Hello Visitor,

Welcome back!

It was fantastic to see the children return to school from the summer break - they were all so eager to catch up with their friends and see their new classrooms! They have all been so kind and helpful to each other since returning and they are working very hard - it is wonderful to see.

Early Years pupils will be learning all about Northampton this term and they seem particularly enthused by their Fire Station and their outdoor area.

Cedar Class pupils are studying Canada with their classroom themed around the great outdoors, including bears, a boat, trees and the Northern Lights!

Pine Class pupils are studying Britain through the Victorians and, with a focus on literature, have spent a good part of this week re-enacting the story of Peter Pan using Hook's ship!

Willow Class pupils are also studying Britain but through World War 2. This links with The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and visitors to their classroom will discover Narnia beyond the wardrobe! 

It has been a thoroughly enjoyable week - the whole school has been buzzing!  

learning environments Sept 2018

Canada Day!

Cedar Class celebrated Canada Day today with a whole host of themed activities including animal puppet making, tasting traditional Canadian food and making their own beaver cakes.  

canada day
Message from FOGS 

'Thank you from FOGS for all of your support last academic year. Our summer term events, including the Festival, photos, 'Ice Cream Fridays' and the disco were well attended and raised over £2000, bringing the grand total for the year to a fantastic £6200. 

In 2017-18, FOGS were able to support the school with donations totalling a massive £13,985 which has been spent on Numicon maths resources, reading books, learning environments, the outdoor learning room and kitchen improvements. All of these projects directly benefit each and every child in the school. 

The successful fundraising of FOGS would not be possible without the time and dedication of volunteers and the support of the parent body. Thank you for supporting us and please continue to do so this academic year!'

New Reading Books

As you have just read above, FOGS allocated a significant amount of money for the school to completely revamp it's library stock. Brand new books have been purchased for all ages and they have already found their way to the library - in fact, your child probably has one of these new books in their bag right now!

fogs books

New Arrivals

Our youngest pupils have made a very confident and happy start to their time in Early Years. Whether the children are brand new to Nursery, moving from last year's Nursery to Reception or starting Reception from scratch, they have all enjoyed a fantastic week. I must give special praise to Willow Class pupils who chose, without any adult prompting, to play with their Buddies during break and lunchtimes which the younger children loved! I'm sure that this will have helped them to settle in so well. 

Outdoor Learning

A key school priority for 2018-19 is the development of outdoor learning as an integral part of our curriculum. School staff spent time before the start of term preparing the space around our new outdoor learning room.

The outdoor learning room includes a large storage area, benches for children to sit on and pegs for them to (eventually) store their outdoor gear so that outdoor learning can take place at any time of the year and in all weathers. You will hear much more about this as the year progresses!

outdoor learning photo h2h

New website

The school has a new website which is populated with all of the information about the school that we think you will find interesting and important! 

You can access the website at www.grendonprimary.net

If you know of anyone who has not yet signed up to the school's e-newsletter, please encourage them to do so via the school website.


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