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  Roadworks Update: Friday 12th May 2023  
  Hello Visitor,

Roadworks: 18th - 26th May

I spoke to the site contact this afternoon and I can provide some more information which might help your travel plans. 

  • The road closure is for 7 working days - 'Shift' 1-3 on the map below means days 1-3; 'Shift' 4-7 means days 4-7.
  • Road closures are shown on the map in red; diversions are shown in blue

Order of works

  • Shifts 1-3 (Thu 18th, Fri 19th and Mon 22nd May) start at the 'bottom end of the village' and will gradually move into the village up Main Road, finishing on Friday somehwere around Blackmile Lane/Village Hall and then up to Chequers Lane by the end of Monday. 
  • Shift 4 (Tue 23rd May) starts from Chequers Lane and moves up Main Road past school towards Easton Maudit. There will be no vehicle access on Main Road in front of school on this day.
  • Shifts 5-7 (Wed 24th, Thu 25th and Fri 26th  May) then move on out of the village towards Easton Maudit.

The site contact explained that they will attempt where possible to have 'rolling closures'. For example, after Shift 4, they hope to free up access roads to school as the work moves on towards Easton Maudit.

I am assured that there will be members of their team on site each day who will be available to deal with any queries but please do take some time to carefully plan your journeys to school.

As always, schedules of work are likely to change and so if I have any further updates, I will share these with you as soon as I have them.


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