Parent Governor Election

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  Parent Governor Election: Wednesday 14th September 2022  
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Parent Governor Election

We are in the exciting position of recruiting a parent to join the governing body. 

The role of school governor can be very rewarding and with the team currently in place there is plenty of support available. Meetings, although professional and run according to regulations, are enjoyable and enlightening and held in a welcoming environment. The governing body is involved in a wide range of matters and meets together six times a year to consider all manner of things from curriculum development and school finances to resources and building maintenance. Prospective candidates should take comfort in knowing that the role of parent governor is not about becoming the appointed spokesperson for the entire parent body. The strategic role does, however, assist greatly in building strong relationships between the school and our local community. 

The successful candidate must commit to attending a half termly governing body meeting. As well as taking the time to become familiar with the relevant school documentation and attend governor training, governors will ideally have the capacity to come into school occasionally. 

The best way to find out more about the role and what it might mean for you is to ask a current governor (current members listed here), the Head Teacher or Clerk to Governors. If there is more than one applicant there has to be a ballot of the parents to make the selection and details of this process are outlined below. 

Election Timetable


Wednesday 14th September 2022           Nomination Form circulated to parents
Wednesday 28th September 2022 Completed Nomination Forms returned to school
Friday 30th September 2022 Ballot papers & Pen Portaits sent out for voting
Friday 14th October 2022 Counting of ballot papers





At an appropriate point during the election timetable, the Chair of Governors will contact candidates for an informal conversation about the parent governor role.

After the counting of ballot papers, the result will be communicated to stakeholders.

Nomination Form

All prospective candidates should use the nomination form found here. The form is a word document so that candidates can type into the table and this from should be completed and emailed to  by the date indicated in the timetable above. 

More Information

For more information, please refer to the Local Authorities guide here.


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