Wicksteed Park Final Information

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  Wicksteed Park Final Information  

Hello Visitor,

As promised, here is the final information for the Wicksteed Park trip.


Slips were sent home on Friday, detailing the travel arrangements for your child, including any other children that you have kindly offered to take/collect. Timings are on the slip. Parents dropping off children in the morning and collecting at the end of the day will not need to pay for parking. 

Meeting Point 

We are expecting children to arrive around 9-9.15am. We will congregate in the main play area near the car park. Please ensure that you hand over your child directly to their teacher in the morning so that we can register them.

Teachers have a list of who is going home with who and we will dismiss children to you from the same location at 4pm.

Food & Drink

As per the earlier letter, all children should bring a packed lunch, snacks and a water bottle. Wicksteed Park will allow the school to store lunchboxes in a room at the park and so children ought to bring lunchboxes as normal, ideally with an ice-pack in. Children will not have to carry bags and lunchboxes around the park. 

Children will have access to their water bottles all day and the various cafes around the site will provide refills throughout (and so there is no need to send multiple disposable bottles).


We want children to be as comfortable as possible on Wednesday but we would still like them to be identifiable as Grendon pupils. We will adopt the rule that has worked well when our younger pupils visit local country parks and that is 'uniform on the top half; comfortable clothing & footwear on the bottom half'. Uniform for the top half could be a polo shirt or PE shirt. 

Nursery should come in comfortable clothing of their choice.


For the purposes of this whole school visit, children will generally be grouped for the day with their class - we won't be walking around the site as one enormous group. Teachers have individually risk assessed for their own class for several reasons, including the different adult:child ratios that will necessarily apply for different age groups, ease of moving around the site as a smaller group, queueing for rides/toilets and also due to the age/height restrictions that may apply to the attractions (for example, we won't want Nursery children waiting around while our Year 6s queue for the roller coaster). Adult helpers who have kindly offered to support on the trip will remain with their allocated class for the day.

Please bear in mind that the only visitors on site will be those that are included on individual school's risk assessments as the site is not open to the general public. 


The forecast for Wednesday is thankfully a little cooler than it is for today and tomorrow. School staff will of course be mindful of the hot weather and the need for good hydration, covering up and periods of rest and shade. To help us with this, please send your child with suncream applied, a sun hat, water bottle and cool clothing that covers their shoulders. A named suncream bottle should also be sent in for reapplying throughout the day - staff will assist where necessary.


It all looks set to be a great day - please let me or your child's class teacher know if you have any specific questions about the trip.

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