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E-newsletter #110 Friday 26th November 2021




Hello Visitor,

Covid Update

Many thanks for the actions you have collectively taken to support the school's efforts to mitigate the further spread of infection in our setting.   

What is the current situation in school?

To recap on the position that the school was in on Saturday 13th November:

  • A local outbreak was identified in Willow Class and, in consultation with Public Health England and the Health Protection Team, a range of control measures were immediately put into place the next working day to mitigate the risk of further spread. 
  • The HPT report that the school has 'very strong measures in place to reduce and break the transmission.'
  • New Parent Information was shared and this new guidance has been followed extremely effectively.
  • No further outbreaks were identified in any other part of the school.

As of Friday 26th November:

  • Children who tested positive in the initial outbreak are beginning to return to school following their period of self-isolation - it is brilliant to see them back in school. 
  • No new positive cases have been reported in Willow Class during the week beginning Monday 22nd November.  
  • Elsewhere in the school, of 20+ PCR tests taken, only one has returned a positive result, with one result outstanding and all others negative.

I have been in daily communication with the local Health Protection Team (HPT). As cases have stabilised, the school can begin to think about easing restrictions - effectively reverting back to the position school was in before 13th November. The HPT advise that additional control measures should be eased at the earliest opportunity that it is safe to do so.

The current additional control measures will stay in place next week as a precaution, at which point a further review will take place - I will, of course, communicate the outcome of this with you in a timely way.

Thank You

Once again, I would like to thank you for the openness that you have displayed in sharing information with us and your commitment to supporting the school's efforts to keep safe.

Sharing confirmation of the status of PCR tests, including the end of self-isolation periods, saves staff an awful lot of time in completing registers, providing remote learning and plotting return dates of individual pupils.  

The school will continue to communicate promptly with parents via our text service and          e-newsletter.

Despite all of the above, school continues to a vibrant, happy place of learning.  


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