E-newsletter 83

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  E-newsletter #83 Sunday 7th March 2021  

Hello Visitor,

School Opening: Final Reminders

We are all so excited to be welcoming the children back to school tomorrow.

I hope that you have all had time to make yourselves aware of the information contained within the Parent Information document. I have included below key reminders which will help with the safe and smooth running of school. 

  • Pupils attendance at school will be mandatory from 8th March
  • Parents should not enter the school building
  • Children should bring in lunchbox and snack, named water bottle and coat (if necessary) and reading book.
  • Pupils should not bring their own bags. Schools will provide pupils with an A4 plastic wallet (Years 3-6) or Book Bag (EYFS and Years 1-2)
  • Children should come to school in PE kit on their PE days (which teachers will advise you of separately)
  • There will be no physical access to the school office. Instead all enquiries should be made via email and phone
  • Parents may access the playground via the front and rear entrance but must not congregate or wait along the narrow path leading from the front pedestrian access gate. This area is a no waiting zone.
  • Drop off remains from 8.45 – 9.15am, with pick up from 3.15 – 3.30pm to ease congestion. 
  • Only one parent of each child should enter the school site for the purpose of school drop off/pick up.
  • Parents are asked to drop off/pick up children in the playground and leave the school site promptly
  • Parents are requested to observe the 2m social distancing rule whilst on school site.
  • All children enter their classroom immediately on arrival where they will be greeted by a member of staff
  • At home time, pupils will remain in the classroom and be dismissed one at a time to minimise congestion
  • All childcare provision will resume (morning supervision from 8.30am and after-school childcare starting from 8th March). Wherever possible, the 4 distinct class groups will be maintained within these childcare settings.
  • Do not expect to see school staff wearing face coverings. Whilst staff may choose to wear face coverings, this is not recommended as necessary by the DfE.
  • Pupils are forbidden from using school equipment outside of school hours due to the risk of cross contamination
  • For pupils self-isolating due to Covid-19 symptoms, parents are asked to share confirmation of a negative test result prior to their child(ren) returning to school
  • School request that any positive test results of pupils or members of their household are shared with school promptly
  • It is the school’s expectation that all parents will not only make themselves fully aware of the information contained within the Parent Information document but that they will also adhere to the strict guidance that is clearly laid out within.

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