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  E-newsletter #81 Friday 26th February 2021  
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School Opening: Parent Information

School opens to all children on Monday 8th March 2021.

With only minor amendments, the contents of the Parent Information document more or less reverts back to the one that was in place during the Autumn Term. It is nonetheless very important for you to remind yourselves of this information whilst we eagerly await the return of all pupils in a little over a week. 

The document is found on the school website in the Useful Links section and it is also attached here.  

Although many restrictions will remain in place when school opens, I cannot wait for all of our pupils to see their friends, teachers and spectacular learning environments and get stuck into their new Global Curriculum themes. Staff have been working so hard to prepare for full school opening - planning exciting learning opportunities, creating amazing spaces for the children to enjoy and all within a safe and secure environment.

I am fully aware that children have had a wide range of experiences during lockdown and when they return to school on Monday 8th March they will, of course, have different needs across a range of areas and we are absolutely determined to address any gaps in academic, social and emotional development. The school knows your child extremely well and, at a very basic level, we are just really looking forward to seeing them again - we have missed them terribly and, as the face-to-face interactions increase and the old routines become re-established, the children, I'm sure, will respond brilliantly as they always do. If some need a little more help then we will be there for them, of course. With a significant proportion of their lives disrupted by the pandemic, it is little wonder that their developing minds may have struggled to contend with everthing that has happened and you can rest assured that school will be a fantastic place for them to be.

I am very much looking forward to the remainder of this academic year. We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief as school resumes and we get one step closer to normality.



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