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  E-newsletter #62 Friday 6th November 2020  
  Hello Visitor,

Covid-19: Reminders

Thank you for your continued support and feedback as we all navigate our way through these very uncertain and difficult times together as a school. I am extemely pleased that the school continues to operate at full capacity and that effective planning, carefully observed risk assessments and, let's face it, good fortune have combined to help us to stay healthy and help us stay open. I have to tell you that despite the relative chaos of the world, the school, by contrast, is a place of calm and positivity and the children are playing their part extremely well in shaping this happy and vibrant school.

Whilst the newly updated DfE guidance does not change the day-to-day running of the school, as detailed in yesterday's newsletter, by way of a gentle reminder, I have attached the link to our Parent Information document here. Below are some of the key pieces of information from the same document that the school would like to draw parents' attention to so that we can continue to operate in a safe environment.  

- The narrow path between the front, pedestrian access gate and the playground continues to be a no waiting zone so that parents and children can access the school site whilst maintaining social distancing. 

- Only one parent (or nominated adult) of each child should enter the school site for the purpose of school drop off/pick up and social distancing on school site (and elsewhere) should be observed at all times.

- Parents should drop off/pick up children and leave the school site promptly (the extended drop off and collection window is in place to limit the amount of people on school site at any one time but is increasingly used by a small minority of parents as an opportunity to stay on the school site and talk).

- School equipment is designated for specific bubbles and carefully cleaned in readiness for the next school day and so please ensure that your child does not use school equipment before or after the school day. Once you have left the school, please do not allow your child to return to the school site. 


Far be it from the school to claim that it has any remit to control the movement of parents and children whilst off the school site, I would nonetheless ask you to be mindful of the government guidance relating to 'Meeting Others Safely' - in the context of school, this is particularly relevant to the significant numbers of parents and pupils who spend time at the park after school. I have copied the relevant parts of the government guidance below.

Meeting others safely

In general, you must not meet people socially. However, you can meet in a public, outdoor space with people you live with...or with one other person. You should minimise time spent outside your home. When around other people, stay 2 metres apart from anyone not in your household. Where this is not possible, stay 1 metre apart with extra precautions (e.g. wearing a face covering).

The school is incredibly grateful to parents and children for working so hard to keep the school community safe.

Pupil Mentoring

The school's well established Pupil Mentoring programme has been reviewed as part of the school's involvement in the Local Authority's Targeted Mental Health Service (TaMHS) accreditation programme. Put simply, the initiative supports children's emotional well-being and runs alongside the wider curriculum and provides a structured opportunity for pupils to reflect on a number of important aspects of their development including feelings about themselves and attitudes to learning and towards others.

The global pandemic has required the school to reinvent its approach to Pupil Mentoring which would traditionally have taken place in 1:1 meetings with trained Peer Tutors. The system has moved online and, whilst full details will be shared with you over the course of this half term, our Year 6 Peer Tutors give you a brief overview in a video which you can access at the bottom of the safeguarding section of the school website here. There has never been a more appropriate time to prioritise the Pupil Mentoring programme.


As well as the traditional Christmas Theme Day which will take place in early December (and involves children engaging in all sorts of Christmas arts and crafts), the school is exploring whether it might be possible for our Reception cohort to perform the Nativity to their parents. Clearly, this will take some careful planning to ensure that the number of attendees is strictly limited and socially distanced at all times but, nevertheless, we will try and overcome these (and other) hurdles and offer this very important rite of passage for our Reception families!

There is nothing quite like 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas' booming across the playground on a sunny November morning. Your child may have told you about their outdoor singing experience this week - it was quite a sight and fantastic to hear; there is just something so brilliant about children singing. It is our intention to hold a whole school carol service at the end of term; outdoors and with class bubbles still very much in place. Covid-19 restrictions will mean that the event will sadly not be open to an audience of parents but we are looking into recording the service so that we can share it with you - if you happen to know of anyone who might be able to assist us with this then please do let us know! 

Full details on all of the above will follow in due course.


FOGS AGM will take place at 7pm on Tuesday 10th November. The meeting will take place on  Zoom and details of how to join are below.

Meeting ID 749 7309 7964

Password  xs3N24

The AGM is an opportunity for parents, new and old, to find out more about the good work of FOGS and contribute to the all important fund raising actvities and events that FOGS run.

FOGS face the unique challenge this year of operating within such strict guidelines at a time when school needs as much funding as it can possibly get. All parents are automatically members of FOGS and there are also roles that carry more responsibility - Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and general committee member.

If you would like to be elected for a role within the FOGS Committee or have any other questions about FOGS, please email the current Chair, Nicole at 

Please find links below to the agenda for the AGM along with minutes from last year's meeting.


FOGS AGM Minutes 16.10.19

We look forward to seeing you on the 10th November!

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