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  E-newsletter #53 Friday 17th July 2020  

Hello Visitor,

The End Of An Unusual School Year

This is one of the last school photos taken before everything changed - a bright sunny day in London, visiting the National Maritime Museum. By the end of that same week, schools were shut and, for many, the academic year as we know it, ended. The Year 6s in this photo have been robbed of their final, amazing weeks in primary school, with school closures depriving many children in the UK of any formal education for over 5 months (by the time we are back in September). Reception children will begin school in a few weeks with many not having the chance to visit their new setting before they start.

After a very difficult period of time, there are many challenges that still lie ahead in school but I am excited by what I hope and expect September will bring. Our staff are 100% committed to creating a safe, happy and purposeful school for the children from September and there is a huge amount of positivity as we once again focus our efforts on delivering an exciting and rich curriculum to a school full of pupils, all set within wonderfully creative and imaginative learning environments. You can expect to see a significant shift back to our preferred and 'normal' way of teaching and learning.

The children who returned in June have coped brilliantly - the atmosphere in school may have been different but it is still full of laughter and kindness, with happy children engaging in a wide  range of activities, from firing rockets to holding a mock-Olympic Games competition.

I am incredibly grateful to our amazing staff team who have worked so hard in new ways under very challenging conditions, always putting the pupils' needs before their own, despite their own personal lives being affected by the pandemic.  Thanks, also, to our Governing Body who have responded so quickly to new legislation and government guidance, raising challenge and providing expertise to support the smooth running of the school. Parents have given the school such heart-warming words of encourgament and support and we are forever grateful for your unconditional support during the last few months.

I am mindful that many pupils have not had the opportunity to return to school and I cannot wait to see those children who have been away from school for so long. Please rest assured that we will spend time helping each and every one of our pupils to quickly feel at home again. I'm sure that the children will all amaze us with their resilience and that Grendon CE Primary School will be properly back in business when September comes.   

london maritime

Year 6 Leavers' Picnic And Their Gift To The School

Y6 leavers giftOn behalf of all of the staff, I would like to thank you for your support, particularly over the last few months, and also for your generous end of year gifts. What has become a rather brilliant tradition is the Year 6 Leavers' Gift for school and this year it has taken the form of 5 hand sanisiter dispensers and a beautiful, hand painted plaque. This very kind gift will remind us of an eventful year and will also help the school in its continued efforts to keep everyone healthy and safe!

This afternoon, Year 6s met up together in school for one final time to have a picnic, play games and catch-up and share stories from lockdown as they look forward to the summer and their next transitions. I am so sorry that Covid-19 meant that this year did not work out as we had all hoped. 

As well as bidding farewell to our Year 6 group, we also say goodbye to several families whose youngest have now flown the Grendon nest - so, to the Farrow, Mackillop, Huntley, Haddock, Macmillan, Hanson, McCloy, Sterling and Philo families, thank you for the part you have played over many years in making Grendon CE Primary School such a special place. We will miss you all and hope that you stay in touch. As I have said to the departing Year 6s, once a Grendon pupil, always a Grendon pupil!


Pleas For Help

There's no other way to dress this up than a cheeky plea for help! This area of the Early Years outdoor space could do with being turfed. It's probably just short of 10m x 5m and I wondered whether anybody was able to supply and/or lay some turf over the summer break. If you think you might be able to help please let me know by emailing   

The school is also on the lookout for another gazebo, specifically one of the heavy duty types with 'walls' - similar to the two white ones already on school site. If you have one going spare or know someone who might be able to help - even if you know of one up for sale that might suit, then please get in touch with school.

The final plea is for picnic benches - the school is keen to continue promoting outdoor learning and the addition of about half a dozen picnic benches would be great! Again, if you can help by signposting school to some suitable benches, please let us know.


Happy Holidays

Until we see you again in September, stay safe, enjoy plenty of good family time and do lots of things that make you happy! 

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