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  E-newsletter #47 Thursday 18th June 2020  
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Return To School Survey: Results

Many thanks for taking a few moments to complete the school's Return To School Surveys. The surveys had a 95% response rate which has really helped to give the school the information it needs to plan for its next steps.

The pie charts below show the survey responses from Year 5 and Year 6 parents, with the proportion wanting to attend school for the remainder of the term highlighted in blue.

Consistent with the DfE guidance published this week, the very small number of parents who did not respond to the survey (or did not communicate their responses directly to school) are considered to have declined their child's place.

year 5 6 return pie charts

The survey has confirmed that there is capacity to welcome back the large number of Year 5 pupils that want to come to school. 

What happens next if my child is in Year 5?

Year 5 pupils whose parents responded to the survey to say that they would like their child to attend school this term are invited to start back full-time from Monday 29th June and for the remainder of the school term. These children will join the exisiting group of Year 6 children who are already in school, being taught by Mrs Gookey and Mrs French in the mobile classroom. Importantly, the combined total number of pupils in this group does not exceed the government prescribed limit of 15.

Parents of Year 5 pupils who have attended school as children of a key worker have been emailed separately this evening to clarify their specific situation.

I have attached the link here for the Parent Information so that parents and children who haven't been in school recently can familiarise themselves with the guidance.

What happens next if my child in in Year 6?

Parents of Year 6 pupils who responded to the survey to say that they would like their child to attend school for the remainder of this term are all already in school and so there is no further action for these pupils other than to continue what they are already doing!  

If you declined your child's place then there is no further action to take.

What happens if my child is in Early Years or Year 1?

The uptake of places in the priority year groups of Early Years and Year 1 is very high. The school will continue to accommodate all requests made in this week's surveys for places in these year groups. The size of these groups means that there is no capacity to include other children from other years in these groups. 

What happens if my child is in Years 2, 3 or 4?

The school's aim is to work within the DfE guidelines whilst trying to make provision in school for as many children as it possibly can. Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that the school will have capacity over the next 4 weeks to accommodate any children from these cohorts beyond those who attend as key workers.


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