School Closure: Update #14

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  School Closure: Update #14 Monday 25th May 2020  
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Survey Feedback

Huge thanks to you all for completing the online school re-opening survey. Your responses have helped enormously as we plan for the phased return of some year groups on 1st June. In one way or another, the school has heard from all families of pupils in Early Years, Year 1 and Year 6 and we have been able to plan timetables using the information you have provided. If your survey response has changed over the last week, it would be extremely helpful if you could update this by emailing me at  


I would like to thank all parents for their close attention to the school's Parent Information and associated guidance and for their careful consideration of what this means for their own unique situation. I have listed below the Frequently Asked Questions (and also the not-so-frequently-asked-questions!) that I have received - you may find the responses useful.  

Will I be fined if I choose not to send my child back to school?


Can schools guarantee that pupils are safe from Covid-19 while in school?

The school is confident that, within the physical constraints of the building and its current staffing capacity, it can adhere to DfE safety guidelines. The school does not claim to provide an absolute guarantee of safety. Instead, it's risk assessment ensures that the school is as safe as it can be in the circumstances, with control measures in place to reduce risks to 'low'.

Who will be teaching my child from 1st June?*

Early Years (Nursery and Reception) - Miss Hillman

Year 1 - Miss Jenkinson

Year 6 - Mrs Gookey (Mrs French Thursday PM & Friday AM)

Key Worker Group - Miss Steed

* The maximum number of children in each group will not exceed 15 as per DfE guidance. Therefore, the above arrangements will change if this maximum cannot be enforced. For example, if all of the Nursery and Reception cohorts attend, it will be necessary to split this group. Likewise, if Key Worker numbers exceed 15, this group will be split. The school has contingency plans in place for these eventualities.

What should my child bring to school each day?

Children should bring their water bottle, lunchbox and coat/sunhat (if necessary) and nothing else including bags, toys, pencil case, games and books.

One very slight amendment to the Parent Information is that, instead of bringing their PE kit to school, children should come to school in their PE kit on PE days (which individual teachers will advise you of).

Can parents come into school at the start of the day?

No. Whilst the school would normally welcome this for children in Early Years, the current restrictions mean that this is not possible. Parents will not be able to access the school building under any circumstances. Clearly marked boundaries will be visible near to main access gates/doors to school.

I have a child in one of the returning cohorts [Nursery or Year R/1/6] and another child in one of the other cohorts [Year 2/3/4/5]. Can they both return?

No, unless the children's parents are key workers. The phased return is limited to Early Years, Year 1 and Year 6 only. 

What happens if my child has an accident in school?

The risk assessment states: 'Staff will get in close proximity of pupils if their duty of care demands it.' This means that if a child becomes very upset or wets themselves or is hurt and needs first aid, then staff will invariably have much closer contact with the child which I am sure you will fully understand and support. 

Will teachers still provide remote learning activities beyond 1st June?

From 1st June, teachers will return to full time teaching responsibilities in school and so their capacity to facilitate remote learning is significantly reduced. However, teachers will continue to create Skills Grids which will form the core learning for children attending school and for those at home. This will enable the school to effectively manage teachers' workload and create opportunities for all classmates to share similar learning experiences regardless of whether they are at home or school. New Skills Grids will be uploaded on Friday 29th May.

Will my child be able to hug their friends and members of staff?

No. Whilst the school has made it clear that it cannot enforce social distancing in schools, it will nonetheless limit child to child contact as per the Parent Information document.

Is it ok if a different family member collects my child from school?

Yes, as long as they observe social distancing rules and are fully aware of the Parent Information document. 

Will school definitely open on 1st June?

The situation is changing rapidly and as it evolves we will change our guidance accordingly. As it stands, the Local Authoity supports government plans to re-open and so we expect to open on 1st June but it is possible that this may change between now and then. Schools are receiving daily government updates to their re-opening guidance and so unless a) any new advice throws a spanner in the works, or b) the government chooses to reverse or amend their decision when they review the situtation on Thursday, you can expect the school to open as planned next Monday.  

Do schools have access to information before the general public?

No. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, school leaders and teaching staff watch the same daily government briefings as the general public as their primary source of information. The general public found out about school closures, school re-opening and everything in between at exactly the same time as schools.

What will happen when schools re-open to all year groups?

There is no clear DfE guidance at this stage. Without wishing to speculate too deeply on the potential terms of any whole school return, it is worth bearing in mind that a call to allow all year groups back in school under similar restrictions to those in place now, may result in schools not being able to accommodate all pupils at any one time and that parents should expect their child to have part-time attendance.

Will I be able to see what the inside of school looks like before 1st June?

Over the next week, the school will make the necessary changes to the physical environment of and it is our intention to share photos of the school interior at some point over next weekend. Given the tight timescales around complying with DfE guidance and the significant changes that are required, it will not be possible to share photos before this time. 

Key Worker Childcare Requirement Form WB Monday 1st June

The Key Worker Childcare Requirement form for the WB 1st June is available to download here.

Please return any completed forms to school at  no later than 5pm on Wednesday 27th May.

Parent Information: Reminder Of General Points

- Grendon CE Primary School reopens for all pupils in Nursery, Year 1 and Year 6 on Monday 1st June. 

- Parents who choose to keep their children away from school during this first phase of reopening will not be fined for non-attendance

- No new nursery admissions will be authorised, including for children starting in our September Reception Cohort and, of our existing nursery cohort, school will accommodate existing hours only

- Children of key workers will continue to use the school provision during this time. Places must be booked via the weekly Key Work Childcare Requirement form which is made available each week via e-newsletter updates. This is to enable school leaders to effectively plan timetables and maintain safe staffing levels

- Children who do not fit into any of the above categories must not attend school, regardless of whether they have siblings in one of the identified cohorts

- To remove doubt, it is important to clarify that the DfE acknowledges in its guidance the inherent challenges associated with reopening primary schools and, in particular, it recognises that social-distancing (as we understand its definition to be in the context of the global Covid-19 pandemic) is not practically possible within a primary school setting. Instead, DfE guidance states that schools should attempt to reduce Covid-19 transmission by:

• avoiding contact with anyone with symptoms

• frequent hand cleaning and good hygiene practices

• regular cleaning of settings

• and minimising contact and mixing

- Do not expect to see school staff routinely wearing face coverings. Whilst individual staff may choose to wear face coverings, this is not recommended by the DfE

- On Friday afternoons (1-3.30pm) the school will remain open only for children of key workers and vulnerable children. This is to allow school to meet its obligation to teachers by providing them with PPA (Planning, Preparation & Assessment) at this time.

It is the school’s expectation that all parents will not only make themselves fully aware of the parent information contained in this document but that they will also adhere to the strict guidance that is clearly laid out within.


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