E-Newsletter Issue 120

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  E-Newsletter Issue 120: Thursday 29th March 2018  

Hello Visitor,

Grendon CE Primary School is (still) OUTSTANDING! 

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I am delighted to be able to finally share the outcome of our recent Diocesan Inspection and confirm that the school has been graded outstanding in all areas.

You can read the full Diocesan Inspection Report here but included below are some notable quotes:

‘The distinctiveness and effectiveness of Grendon CE Primary School are outstanding.’

‘The school’s unique global curriculum, underpinned by the Church of England’s Vision for Education, results in high levels of academic achievement, personal development and wellbeing for all pupils.’

‘Links with St Mary’s Church contribute significantly to the distinctive character of the school and collective worship enriches the lives of pupils.’

‘The provision for prayer and reflection within the curriculum as a whole promotes a deep level of spiritual awareness in learners.’

‘Religious education supports pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and makes a positive contribution to the Christian character of the school.’

‘The school, through its distinctive Christian character, is outstanding at meeting the needs of all learners.’

‘The impact of collective worship on the school community is outstanding.’

‘The effectiveness of the leadership and management of the school as a church school is outstanding.’

‘The cultural emphasis within the school’s global curriculum means that children have a well developed understanding of Christianity as a multi cultural religion.’

Today, a letter from the Director of Education for the Diocese arrived to congratulate the school on its achievement.

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Pine Class: Egypt Podcasts

In Pine Class, the children wanted to share their learning with others and we have been talking about various different ways we communicate with those outside of school. We discussed creating our own podcasts and the children are going to be working in small groups over the next few weeks to share some of our Egyptian work with the world!
The first two groups have planned, practised and recorded their podcasts and we have published them on YouTube! The children are very excited about this and are all now eager to have their turn. We have talked as a class about using YouTube sensibly and safely and the podcasts are all unlisted, which means they are only accessible using the links below (you can't search for them on YouTube). We hope you enjoy listening to our creations and learn something new about Egypt! Well done to the first 6 children to brave the podcast making! You were great!
Lilian, Rose and Elia's podcast can be found here
Ben, Danny, and Harvey's podcast can be found here


Once again, it was great to see a packed church for our Easter Service. The children enjoyed sharing their Easter themed work and singing for you.
Huge thanks to FOGS for organising such a fantastic Easter Fair in school yesterday. Jenny and the FOGS team worked incredibly hard to prepare, build(!), run and then dismantle the various stalls. The children loved the event and I'm sure that a significant sum was raised to support the work of the school.  
Enjoy the Easter break and we will see you back in school on Monday 16th April!
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