Lands End to John O'Groats



On 26th July, I will leave Lands End with the intention of cycling over 900 miles to John O’Groats in less than 7 days. There’s no support team, just me and a friend, 2 bikes, a SATNAV and the open road. The return journey from John O’Groats is already booked and so we will have some long days in the saddle to avoid missing the last train home.

I am raising money to support the next phase of the school’s Social Enterprise in Senegal, where our Chicken Project has been flourishing since 2011. Local people are being empowered to run a sustainable business and the wider community is benefiting from the high quality and affordable food which the business provides. The Social Enterprise has been very successful - generous fundraising has already provided materials and equipment to build chicken houses, money to purchase day old chicks, vitamins, minerals, water and food, plus a local workforce to care for and then distribute the chickens amongst the community.

Despite its successes, the project needs an injection of vital funding. Ziguinchor, Senegal is a hugely economically disadvantaged community. Our Social Enterprise is making a real difference to a community where employment opportunities, access to education and adequate healthcare are either scarce or prohibitively expensive. Funds raised will be used to build more chicken houses for a different breed of chicken to cater for the growing demand for eggs.

There are exciting plans for the Social Enterprise in the next academic year - Cherif, the project manager in Senegal (pictured above), will be communicating with our pupils on a regular basis, supporting their studies of French (first language of Zig) via Skype and email whilst helping us to establish our own version of the chicken project in school.

Please spare 2 minutes to watch the video below, which explains a little more about the Social Enterprise and, if you then feel able to support the project by making a donation, please follow the PayPal link.

Many thanks

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