Training Events at Grendon

We are delighted to be able to offer further training events at Grendon in February. Contact the school to book a place.

Pupil Mentoring Friday 5th February 2016


OFSTED guidance highlights the importance of developing in our pupils the attributes necessary to thrive in school and modern society. Through a structured mentoring programme, we will show you how to integrate essential lifelong learning skills and SMSC development as a vital element of the taught curriculum, as well as dramatically improving pupils’ behaviour in a structured and supportive way. We will provide you with the necessary resources to quickly and easily introduce a Pupil Mentoring programme in your own school.

‘The mentor system is an outstanding example of responsibility, where a trained group of older  pupils guides others through a self-assessment of their academic and personal development.’ Grendon CE Primary School, Ofsted

Outstanding Curriculum Design Friday 26th February 2016

AM session: Open Morning 9.30-12.00

Nearly 500 professionals from across the UK have visited Grendon CE Primary School to learn about how our innovative approach to learning has translated into outstanding outcomes for our pupils. Join us for an           insightful morning where we will share our Global Curriculum Handbook—detailing the non-negotiable design principles which underpin our work.  Be the first to see our brand new Learning Environments for our latest projects!

PM session: Planning for a World Class Curriculum 1.00-3.00pm

During this session, we will guide you through the process of translating your ideas into usable, engaging and challenging plans, fully referenced to the National Curriculum requirements. We will share examples of the plans behind our Global Curriculum and provide the opportunity during the afternoon to plan a project, with guidance from key school staff.     

'The Global Curriculum has made an exceptional contribution to the achivement of pupils' Grendon CE Primary School, Ofsted         


Open Morning Group

Perranporth 2016

The Year 6 Perranporth residential is booked! Once again, we will be visiting the Eden Project for the 'Great Plant Explorer' workshop, Minack Theatre for an evening performance of a show called 'Rocketgirl' and, of course, we will have 2 days surf tuition on Perranporth's beautiful beach!

surf 2015 

Social Enterprise Update

At the Harvest Service in October, your generous donations allowed us to transfer enough money to Senegal for our friend Cherif the Chicken Farmer to purchase 105 day old chicks plus food, water and medicine. Each day old chick costs around 600cfa (Central African Francs) which is about 70p. Over Christmas and the new year, Cherif sold the adult batch (one is pictured here!) for 4000cfa (around £4.50). Remarkably, of the 105 chicks, 103 flourished and remanied healthy and strong throughout. This meant that Cherif's sales were in excess of 400,000cfa! The profit of 300,000cfa is equivalent to approxmately 3 months of the average household income for people living in Ziguinchor, Senegal.


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